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My procrastination is affecting my job performance

My habit of procrastination is really hurting my job performance. How can I break out of it?

Let me think about it and get back to you later …

Procrastination is a habit of mind, lodged in our subconscious. It seeks to delay and avoid the unpleasant, the difficult and the painful. We don't delay on things that delight us. We delay on things that repel us. It's also a failure in fortitude. Fortitude is the habit of mind that conquers adversity. It specializes in attack and endurance.

So how do you change your character? Change your mind. Begin (a unpleasant word for a procrastinator) by meditating on God’s character. While slow to anger, he is otherwise swift.

  • "He sends forth his word to the earth and swiftly runs his command." (Ps 147:15)
  • "The word of God is swift and powerful." (Heb 4:12)
  • "The word of God moves swiftly; he is not won by the lukewarm, nor held fast by the negligent. Let your soul be attentive to his word … for he is swift in his passing." (St. Ambrose)
  • "Where there is correct timing, there is also advantage." (St. Irenaeus)

The Lord directed St. Joseph in two dreams. When he awoke, he immediately acted. Put on the mind of Christ. Change your mindset and self-image. Replace the thought “I’m a procrastinator” with: “I’m an achiever. I enjoy moving quickly. I conquer unpleasant tasks. I overcome hardships.”

As you change your thinking, your self-talk and your self-image, your behavior and character cannot help but follow. You’ll be transformed from a delayer to a doer.

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