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Tory HAS patiently waited to say ‘I do’ – at her baptism and her wedding

Tory Has Patiently Waited to Say ‘I Do’ – at Her Baptism and Her Wedding

Coping with changed expectations

Tory Schiller met Tyler Pierce eight years ago while in college. Tory grew up without a connection to any faith tradition, but as she got to know Tyler better, she felt a yearning to be a part of his strong Catholic faith. As she grew to love Tyler and accepted his marriage proposal, she knew she wanted to enter the Church before celebrating their wedding, planned for this summer.

Tory and Tyler were fortunate to move to a community with a friendly and welcoming parish, St. Mary in Charlotte, and Tory began attending RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) sessions.

“The parish has been so friendly, and it is such a strong community. Sometimes you worry when you are new that people aren’t going to accept you, but I felt so welcomed there,” she says.

Tory took the sudden announcement that her baptism — and her wedding — would be postponed in stride: “It was definitely sad to have to delay my baptism; my fiancé is from a big Catholic family, and everyone was very excited about the big event. But I realize there is a reason for this delay. I can trust God, and it brings me peace.

“What I have learned about prayer here has been really important to me. I had no experience of prayer and I have enjoyed learning about it. In our couples counseling, someone told me that you should pray when you don’t need to. Prayer builds a relationship with God, and learning to have a conversation with him helps you to trust him.”

Tory continued to feel the support of the parish while waiting for her baptism. The RCIA sessions continued with weekly online meetings, and parishioners shared her excitement.

Tory recalls, “Someone I met here told me she had planned to come to the Easter Vigil to see me baptized. It’s just neat to know that other people in the parish think my baptism is a big deal.

“I actually met this woman while attending a Lenten Series Lecture that Father Dwight Ezop, our pastor, puts on. Father asked that we say ‘hi’ and introduce ourselves to others around us. I met her and that’s where it began! Every time after that, she would always give me a hug and a smile.”

Tory and Tyler have rescheduled their wedding for later this summer, and plan to proceed with as many guests as can attend. It may not be the wedding they envisioned, but Tory says, “I have learned to trust God, and get a sense of calm from this. It has made the delays less stressful.”

Tory is looking forward to telling Tyler “I do” as a newly initiated Catholic, just as she hoped.